Payment Policy

Last updated: November 19, 2018
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Forms of Payment
We accept most major credit cards, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Visa Checkout, Checks (allow up to 10 days to clear bank) and money orders.

Many people are scared of buying things online using credit cards, but let me assure you we follow only the strictest security precautions when handling your data. In fact, your credit card information will never be stored on our server. In addition to our precautions many credit card and even some debit card companies are now offering protection for fraud when making online purchases. 

PayPal is one of the most popular payment methods on the internet. They even have an option whereby once you are set up you can have the money taken directly out of your checking account to avoid having to give your credit card information to strangers. Speaking of that they have some of the strictest security measures in the industry to help prevent fraud and protect you against problems. Thousands of merchant accept PayPal payments. You do not have to buy something here to sign up.

Since so many people are still scared of sending their information over the internet we also offer the option to make off line purchases. Simply select to pay by check or money order when checking out.  You will be given instructions on where to send payments after completing the checkout process.  Items will not be shipped until payment clears so please allow 3-10 additional days for you purchase to ship.  If you want to speed up the process you can also contact us with your order number our customer service representatives will call for your credit card information.

Returned Checks & Money Orders
Purple Turtle Gifts charges a $25.00 fee for any returned checks or money orders. The person presenting the check or money order as payment for purchase agrees to reimburse Purple Turtle Gifts any fees, legal or non-legal, occurred in the collection process of money owed (including Returned Item Fees). They also authorize Purple Turtle Gifts to reprocess the check and/or run it through as a debit transaction on their account.

Credit Card Fraud or Misuses
Purple Turtle Gifts has several procedures to prevent credit card fraud by its customers. By doing so it helps us keep prices low. Unfortunately, no procedures can prevent 100% of fraud attempts. Thus, Purple Turtle Gifts believes in cooperating with local, national and international law enforcement to help prosecute or investigate any illegal actions. Furthermore, by using this site you agree that any payment information you provide is accurate to the best of your knowledge, that you have legal right to present such form of payment and that if it is discovered that you intentionally or unintentionally presented a form of payment that you did not have such legal right for or which is returned or refused you will be responsible for not only the payment owed for any merchandise or services received, but will also be responsible for reimbursing Purple Turtle Gifts the cost of any fees, expenses and/or assessments, legal or non-legal in nature to collect the full amount of the money owed.


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