Wholesale Info

Last updated: November 12, 2018

Over the years Purple Turtle Gifts has developed a wide reaching network of suppliers. The volume we do and the relationships we have developed often allow us to get reduced prices that we can pass on to other businesses looking for ideas for their shops.

Furthermore, Purple Turtle Gifts owns its own production facilities and produces many of the items they sell under the Purple Turtle Gifts brand. This allows us to not only provide a very large number of direct from the manufacturer pricing on items. This production capability allows us to produce many custom imprinted or embroidered items to other retailers from our US production facility. Our flexibility and attention to detail make us a great company to partner with for your business production needs.

Have an idea for something you might want to produce? 
We offer custom made products at very reasonable prices.  We offer embroidery, digital imprinting, sublimation, and vinyl production and design services to a number of large and small retailers across the country at reasonable prices.  In fact, our pricing and production make it possible for retailers to sell one off single personalized one of a kind items directly to the customer at a price that allow them to make a reasonable profit without the stress of carrying all the inventory or investing in equipment they will only use from time to time.  So if you have an idea be it large or small and you need help bringing it to market please feel free to contact us today.  If you want to test the market before investing in production equipment we can help as well.

In addition to our traditional wholesale services we offer drop shipping services for both those that have traditional storefronts as well as those with their own website.

Drop Ship Program
What is drop shipping? A drop ship account is one that we have set up whereby we ship products directly to your customers with no identifying marks from us. Normally we can even include a business card or other information you would like to include in each box when we prepare your orders. If you send us label stock we can even print shipping labels on your stock in many cases. Contact customer support for more details and requirement on that. While your cost of product will be higher than that of a regular wholesale customer you will benefit from not having to carry so much inventory. Furthermore, you only have to pay for shipping once since the items will be directly to your customer instead of to you and then to your customer. All you need to do to get started is to complete the one of our Wholesale Customer sign up forms. If you have any questions please contact one of our customer service representatives today.